Bad Breath And Its Causes

Bad breath is a problem of bacteria which resides in the mouth. Bad breath or the unpleasant odor that comes out of the mouth is an indication that the bacteria in the mouth are active and need to be demolished. This disorder is called halitosis.

There are basically two types of bad breath or halitosis, as they are called. Transient halitosis which can be removed by brushing or flossing the teeth. On the other hand is persistent bad breath which is more serious and needs medical attention.

How is bad breath caused?
Bad breath is due to digestive process in the mouth.

Food, when entering the mouth is converted into proteins which are broken down into amino acids. This process results in foul smelling odor which is the by-product of this process. Bacteria present behind the tongue then thrive in this area. If the area remains unclean for a larger time period, bacterial layers are formed which give rise to bad breath. On the other hand, it is also believed that bacteria collect below the gums of the teeth causing bad breath and diseases such as gingitivities.

Bad breath or Halitosis can also result due to other disorders in parts such as tonsils, nose, esophagus and stomach. Different diseases such as diabetes, mellitus or other renal infections too cause bad breath.

If you have halitosis, dental assistance should be taken to confirm the presence of bad breath and its causes. The most common equipments used are the halimeter or gas chromatography. Other methods include BANA Test or galactosidose test.

There are various methods to remove the bad breath coming from the mouth. Some of these methods are very simple but should be adhere to strictly in your daily routine.

  • Cleaning tongue – Using a tongue cleaner or
    a toothbrush to clean the tongue is an effective method for halitosis. Do not scrap the tongue as it may damage the taste buds.
  • Gargling – Gargling with mouthwash each day before going to bed helps a lot in keeping a check on bad breath. Gargling removes and kills the bacteria from the mouth. Gargling with salt water can be tried out.
  • Good oral hygiene – Oral hygiene is one of the most important factors which contribute to healthy teeth and stop bad breath. Brush daily, clean your tongue every day and visiting your dentist periodically will always help.
  • Stopping bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco can also reduce this disorder. Tobacco sticks to the gums and bacteria is formed at an alarming rate resulting in bad breath.
  • Drinking water (lots of it) is also a very good habit for prevention of Halitosis disorder. Also chewing gum or candy (without sugar) can help in this case.
  • Another method to cure halitosis is to make a log of the daily food you eat and find out which food gives you bad breath and try avoid these ingredients.
  • A simple method to take out bad breath is to eliminate the use of sugar from your meal. This is because bacteria grow on sugar.
  • Cutting down on highly acidic food and drinks.
  • Avoid fruits such as pineapples, grapefruits and oranges. Stay away from coffee.
  • Avoid the use of tomatoes extensively; they may increase the bad breath.


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