How To Choose The Right Play Equipment For Your Kids

Children always prefer to stay outside and play on their favorite play equipments whether it may be on your backyard garden or on playgrounds. They really enjoy playing on the equipments such as slides, swings, the trampoline, bouncy castles or roundabouts. This is their age to enjoy on such playgrounds with their friends. When you purchase equipment for your child, there are certain factors that can be considered.

Have you wondered if the equipments which they are using are the right ones for their ages? Have you ever wondered if these equipments are secure and safe for them to use? How

to choose the right play equipment for your kid? These are some questions that normally come to the minds of parents when they are buying these equipments. Normally all the equipments are manufactured according to safety standards set by the government. The equipments which have been passed have a security mark on them and as such only these equipments should be purchased.

Let us do some research on the type of equipments that are mostly used and what must be the criteria for choosing such play equipments.
• The Age Criteria - Mostly it is found that the accidents that happen on these play equipments are due to the fact that the equipment is not suited for the age of the child. You just cannot let a small child on a trampoline as it is not suited for him. There is always a label or a chart on the equipment which states the age suitable for playing on the particular equipment. Take note of this fact when buying the equipment. Do not buy the wrong equipment which is not suitable for your child.
• The security Factor – This is another important criterion for choosing play equipment. See to it that the equipment is fully adhered to the standard and specifications set up by the government rules. Before buying a swing, see that child’s legs are firmly planted on the floor. After fitting, see to it that the ropes are properly secured on the S hooks. Such precautionary measures should also be taken for other equipments

like climbing frames or slides.
• Take your garden into consideration - Before buying these equipments, a study should be made of your garden and if the equipments fit in your garden. Always leave 1 or 2 meters of safe space between equipment. Also one can avoid fences as they can act as disturbances. If the ground is uneven and rugged, clean off the ground to make it better for the children to enjoy.
• Proper Positioning – When installing equipments such as swings or slides, see to it that they are placed away from obstruction and are always installed on a green patch which can work as a cushion during the fall. You can also go in for EN1177 approved safety grass mats that are available and provides the right landing floor against slipping. Also install the equipments near your window so that you can have a look at the child when he is playing alone and can thus avoid any serious mishaps.
• Quality of Equipment – While choosing the right Play equipments, see to it that you choose quality equipment as these equipments can be used for a number of years and as such the whole family can enjoy it. These equipments may be a bit costly, but then it provides the security that is needed when your child is at sake. High quality equipment can prove to be the ideal long-term asset for your child.

Thus, these are the main factors that go into choosing the right outdoor play equipment. These should always be taken into consideration so as to make our gardens a safe place for the children to play.


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