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Sony Ericsson has once again come up with a gem of a phone to its already large collection of ever-growing mobile handsets. Its new baby, the Sony Ericsson Ion is the first 4G LTE smartphone which has a unique design along with a high definition screen and a lovely curved metal back. It has a number of advanced features in its array which is sure to attract its customers. It has some great features which consist of 12.0 mega pixel camera with the distinct Exmor R sensor. This is also a front facing camera. It has a memory slot, TV

output and 1.5 GHz dual core processor. This makes the download speeds very fast and one can browse the web applications at a greater speed. This 1.5 GHz processor also helps in sharing and takes video shooting and downloading to an advanced stage. The Reality display and Mobile BRAVIA engine gives this Sony Ericsson Ion a much sharper and Reality image to the whole process. This function also helps to take the pictures even in low light outdoors.

The Sony Entertainment Network Services Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited brings you in touch

with over 10 million songs to choose from and an unlimited number of movies to browse through. The HDMI connection is always there to view the movies on your TV screen at the press of your remote control.

Along with these unique and advanced features of Sony Ericsson Ion there are always the great standard features that you find in a Sony Ericsson Handsets. These may include-
• GSM 850/900/1800/1900
• LTE 700/1700
• WCDMA 850/1900/2100
• 4.5 inch LCD screen – 720 x 1800 pixel and 16.7 million color support
• 16GB internal storage space.
• Raw Hardware and 13.2 GB internal storage.
• Bluetooth supported profiles.
• PC Sync.
• USB, Wi-fi, Multiple Number per name.
• Picture ID, Ringer ID, voice Dialing.

These features make the Sony Ericsson a must have for all the die-hard Sony Ericsson fans. Its custom graphics, Real-music ringers, IOP, IMAP, Alarm, Calculators and loads of other customized and standard applications make Sony Ericsson Ion a storehouse of gadgets which can be used by the user.


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