Harmful Foods During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is said to be a very delicate stage in the woman’s life. What a mother eats is very important as it is directly connected with the development of the child within. The overall growth of the baby depends on what his mother eats. A diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals is the best diet for a pregnant woman.

There is certain confusion on which foods should not be consumed during pregnancy. Along with the list of foods to be eaten by the woman, there are certain foods that have to be avoided. These foods are harmful for the

birth of the child as well as for the mother.

• Fish – If you are a fish lover, then eating fish during pregnancy should be avoided. This is due to the fact that fish may contain industrial pollutants which may cause complications during pregnancy. Fish may contain proteins which can be useful in some cases but it is always advisable to avoid fish during pregnancy. Also canned fishes should not be consumed as they contain high amount of salt which can increased the blood pressure. Also, certain seafood such as Swordfish or Shark contains mercury which should be avoided during pregnancy. At times, it has been found that raw fishes contain listeria, poisonous bacteria which are harmful to the human body. Fish such as Oysters are the most dangerous during this period.
• Dairy Products – Unpasteurized milk contains the listeria bacteria in it which is poisonous. As such unpasteurized milk should be avoided as it may affect the digestive system. Similarly blue cheese should not be consumed.
• Fruits during pregnancy – There are certain fruits that may prove harmful during pregnancy. Raw or semi-ripe papaya is rich in latex which can cause uterine contractions. On the other hand, ripe papayas are rich in Vitamin C which can be useful during pregnancy. It helps in prevention of such symptoms as heartburn and constipation. Also Papaya mixed with honey and milk is also useful during lactation. Pineapple is the most unwanted fruit during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that Pineapple contains bromelain which can soften the cervix leading to complications such as early labor. Pineapple juice, if consumed in

excessive quantities, can lead to diarrhea.
Another fruit that is considered avoidable during pregnancy is Grapes. This is due to the fact that Grapes generate heat that is not good during the delicate stages of pregnancy, especially during final stages.
• Caffeine-based Drinks: It is safer to avoid caffeine-based drinks such as tea or coffee or for those matter even colas during pregnancy. This is because these drinks affect the overall growth of the baby and the result may well be an underweight child.
• Raw Eggs – Raw eggs contains salmonella bacteria which can create complications during pregnancy leading to abnormal growth of the baby.
• Raw Meat – Along with raw eggs, even raw meat should be avoided by a pregnant woman. Raw meat, again, may contain the poisonous bacteria listeria which can harm the growth of the baby. Always cook your meat while eating as well as take proper hygienic care while washing the raw meat.
• White flour - White flour and its products should be avoided at all cost. These may include such foods as white bread, pizzas, burgers and pastry products. These contain various oils and Trans fat substances which are harmful during pregnancy. Also the sugar based pastry may lead to such complications as high blood pressure and diabetes problems.

These are some of the common foods that should be avoided during pregnancy. These foods may cause serious complications during this delicate stage and lead to unwanted disorders such as miscarriages.

Along with these foods, there is certain habit formations such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption which should be avoided at all cost. Also daily exercises, under a trained guidance should be followed to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.


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