Health Benefits Of Kokum (mangosteen) Fruit

Mangosteen fruit or scientifically known as Garcinia Indica is a storehouse of medicinal benefits. It is called Kokum in India. It has a number of benefits which can be a boon for patients suffering from various ailments. The peel of this fruit contains the highest proportion of Xanthones which can be beneficial for the body as a whole.
• Kokum contain anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. It also has anti-fungal factors and as such this fruit is said to be the ideal ingredient to fight against various cancer disorders like breast cancer, leukemia and liver cancer. The main ingredient in Mangosteen

fruit known as Garcinol helps to provide anti-carcinogenic properties which help against the production of cancerous cells.
• Kokum is also used as a direct application for skin ailments such as rashes and burns. Due to its healing and soothing properties the pulp of this fruit is used for skin remedies.
• Juice of kokum fruit helps in the digestion process and offers a cool and refreshing tonic to the body. For this, kokum pulp is mixed with sugar to make a sweet and sour drink.
• A kokum fruit is rich in citric acid, acetic acid, polyphenol and hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is truly beneficial for maintaining the health and fitness of the body.
• This fruit is traditionally used to combat infections and heat strokes.
• The paste of Kokum is used to treat wounds and other skin problems.
• Hydrocitric acid, present in kokum is an important anti-obesity factor which lowers the cholesterol levels as well as suppresses the growth of fatty acids which results in bringing down the overall weight of a person.
• The powder made out of Kokum fruit help prevent dehydration as well as loss of various important nutrients.
• Kokum fruit is also a helpful remedy for digestive problems as well as
a beneficial against problems relating to constipation.
• Another important benefit of this magical fruit is that it helps to provide relief from piles and fissures and improves the overall working of the liver.
• As discussed earlier, Kokum has the highest amount of anti-oxidants which help in balancing the free radicals that have harmful effects on the organs and tissues of the body.
• The juices of this medicinal fruit is used as an anti-allergic medicine to fight against insect bites and bee bites as well as it helps to provide remedy against acidity and other related symptoms.
• Kokum butter is often used as a confectionary butter. It is considered to be emollient and nutritive. As such it is also used in ointments and suppositories.
• Kokum is also used in the making of candles and soaps.
• Kokum oil is used to diminish the fissures and cracks on the heels of the feet.
• Even the cake which is left after making of kokum oil can be used as a good manure.
• Kokum is used as spices in various parts of India which are used to enhance the flavor and taste of various recipes due to its sour properties. It is used as a substitute for tamarind in various dishes.

Thus, Kokum or Mangosteen fruit has a number of medicinal benefits which can be used over a period of time and as it is a natural remedy, it is obviously harmless to the body. This medicinal fruit is gaining popularity at a fast pace all over the world as more and more countries are taking note of this fruit. Studies are being conducted to enhance its medicinal properties to a new level.


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