10 Feng Shui Tips For Prosperity And Wealth

How would you like to become rich? Are there ways and means of having abundance of wealth and to keep it? These are some questions that normally keep coming out of your mind time and again. For this Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese system has given some useful tips to follow. These Feng Shui tips would certainly help you keep your money along with increasing it at each and every step.

1) The Purple Advantage - It is always advantageous to wear purple clothes or carry a purple handkerchief. Purple color is said to increase abundance. It is said to attract

wealth. Also try to hang purple colored curtains on your windows. Your sofa-set cushions can also be purple colored. One can also go in for purple candles on your table or dinning table.

2) Gold Things – In Feng Shui, Gold is said to enhance your wealth and prosperity. Always keep articles made out of gold or gold colored decorations and coins in your rooms. These energizes the money power and keeps the money flowing in. Gold colored decoration frames, gold colored showpieces should be kept in money spots.

3) A Tidy Room – A clean and tidy room always brings along with it positive energy. Try to keep your things tidy in your office or your home. Do not clutter or keep your room untidy. Good energy cannot reside in an untidy room. Make it a habit of keeping the articles in their designated places and remove the dust from your table each day. You can feel the results in a few days.

4) Green for Money - Green color has great importance in Feng Sui as it symbolizes the color of money. Make a frame of your currency bill and hang it on your wall or you can place money plants in the feng shui prosperity corners to activate the powerful chi.

5) Avoid stairs opposite your door – Your front door is the best source of energy. See to it that there are no stairs opposite your door. If you are renting a flat or buying a new home, take note of this aspect of feng shui.

6) Flowing Water – Flowing water symbolizes free flow of money. It is an important source of enjoying your prosperity. Images showing flowing water such as waterfalls, seas and rivers are a good source for abundance. Try putting one of these paintings on your wall and see the positive effect it has on your wealth. On the other hand, there are miniature waterfalls which are available in the local feng shui shops. Decorate the living room

with such a waterfall. Just make it sure that the water is kept clean and changed periodically.

7) Keep the Food cooking – The cooking and the food that is prepared also has a great significant in your wealth building. The strength to earn money is closely related to the energy which is found in the fire and the food we cook. Always clean your stove and burners, keeping them in perfect working conditions. Also see to it that all the burners that you cook food on are of the same size to earn maximum money. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy organizing it to perfection and you will be surprised by the results that you get.

8) Bring an Aquarium – A fish tank or an aquarium is a great way to increase your wealth. It can be said to be a great money generator. This is due to the fact that you add live fish to that moving water. Try to put in 9 fishes in all and if you want more powerful feng shui effects see to it that these fishes are of red and black color in the proportion of 8:1. These color depicts power, money, authority and wealth.

9) Feng Shui Koi Fish painting – This is the ultimate tool for Feng shui users for prosperity. This painting has all the three symbols of prosperity i.e. the moving koi fish and the water, the golden color of the fishes indicating success, wealth and power as well as the round gold stones and the green leaves which represents money.

10) The Power within – The last and the most important Feng Shui tip for prosperity comes in the form of the power that one has within oneself. The control one has over himself as well as on his life is the ultimate power for garnering wealth. So leave behind your miseries and depressions and build your own mindset which is based on your own belief and the strength that comes from within.

Just follow these 10 Feng Shui tips for prosperity and you will not regret it. These are very simple-to-follow tips which do not need any huge investments for building up your wealth. Feng Shui is always there to help you out in your most precarious of financial situations.



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