Best Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair fall is the most common problem faced by many women. Hair fall is commonly associated with a number of problems which are mental as well as physical. Most of us use the over-the-counter products which advertise instant remedies for hair fall and fall prey to a number of chemicals that are used in these oils and shampoos. These products have toxic material which can prove harmful to our body and hair. On the other hand, there are some natural and homemade remedies which can prove useful for prevention of this hair fall.

1) Coconut for Hair Fall – Coconut is

the best remedy for prevention of hair loss. It has all the ingredients to make your hair long and shiny as well as is the right tonic for the overall hair growth. It is the known to be the richest source of plant derivatives for tissue-nourishment. Coconut oil can be massaged with half the amount of amla oil for regenerating of the dead hair follicles. This concoction can be added with a dash of lemon to make your hair shiny as well as fighting that dandruff which is the root cause of hair loss.

2) Wheatgrass for Hair Fall – This is another natural way of fighting hair fall. A regular diet of wheatgrass can substantially reduce the hair fall tendency within a few weeks of its intake. Wheatgrass contains powerful antioxidants which help to prevent hair loss. But for this to prove effective, only fresh juice of wheatgrass must be used.

3) Aloe Vera for Hair Fall - Aloe Vera juice is another very important remedy for prevention of hair loss. Also the gel of Aloe Vera can be massaged on the hair scalp to get some quick results. It prevents the scalp from getting dry and helps in prevention of irritation caused due to dry skin which may bring about infections.

4) Fenugreek Seeds along with Coconut Oil – For this, heat up the coconut oil and add the fenugreek seeds to this oil. Strain this mixture and apply to the scalp, gently rubbing it to the hair roots. Follow this procedure for a few weeks daily and you can get some really positive results.

5) Gooseberry for Hair Fall – Boiling some pieces of Gooseberry in coconut oil can be another

remedy for hair fall. Use this coconut oil after taking off the gooseberry pieces and apply it to the scalp, massaging it daily in a circular motion.

6) Rosemary Tea for Hair Fall – Rosemary Tea is also said to be an ideal remedy for prevention of Hair Fall. It improves the circulation to the head.

7) Important Foods for Hair Fall – Along with the above mentioned oil massages, the most important part is to keep a strict check on your diet. This is because most of the problems of hair fall are associated with faulty diet. For this the ideal diet plans should include seeds such as almonds or peanuts, a variety of legumes, protein and iron rich food consisting of green leafy vegetables such as spinach and sprouts.

8) Cutting down those bad habits – Excessive alcohol consumption or over intake of sugar and junk foods can cause hair loss. Always go in for natural and healthy diet.

9) Red Pepper and Hair fall – Apply grated Red pepper to the scalp. This acts as an skin irritant promoting histamine, a protein for allergic reactions. This stimulates the cells in the scalp, promoting hair regrowth.

10) Nettle Root and Hair Fall – It contains lipid and minerals which stimulates hair follicles and encourage hair growth. It can be found in the capsule or pill form too.

These 10 remedies for Hair Loss can go a long way in giving you a healthy growth for the hair. These are all natural ingredients which can only be helpful for your hair growth without any harmful effects.



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